Eyebrows are what most affect our face features. Without eyebrows, our eyes seem “lost” and our facial features change

Properly defined eyebrows can dramatically change our face and give a small so-called mini-lift effect to the upper eyelids. The result is a fresher and more energetic expression. 

Permanent makeup is perfect for eyebrows which are too thin, asymmetrical, or have lost their shape and colour.                        

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It is impossible to get a clean and clear liner line and keep it as it is all day. 

As we get older, we start losing our long and slender eyelashes and each of us knows that an eyeliner line can make the eyes look bigger, more youthful, expressive, and make the lashes seem thicker. 

You can get a perfect eyeliner line for years.    

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The most repeated daily make-up ritual is applying lipstick. This must be done several times a day because the lipstick wears away or leaves stains as we eat, drink, kiss, sweat, and even talk. 

Permanent lip makeup frees you from the everyday struggle of applying lipstick and the colour stays spotless in all situations. 

Additionally, pigmentation of the lips can adjust an uneven lip outline, correct asymmetry, and add colour to the lips.

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